Æmber Skies Comes to Gamefound April 18

Published On: April 4, 2024

We hope all of you are excited for the KeyForge Vault Tour 2024 Kickoff in Roseville, MN tomorrow. As we prepare for another exciting year in the Crucible, something looms in the skies above that can no longer be ignored.

Thunderous clashes and treacherous roars fill the air as the heavens turn the shade of amber. The scientists of Logos have concluded that an event of gargantuan magnitude will soon appear in the firmament, that KeyForge: Æmber Skies will go live on Gamefound on April 18!

So ready yourselves!

The 8th official set in the KeyForge universe will see House Skyborn join the list of Houses that players can call upon to aid them in unlocking the secrets of the Crucible’s vaults. Yet, House Skyborn are not the only denizens in the great expanse above, the monstrous Skybeasts will also make their presence felt.

Over the coming days leading up to the launch, we will share various news centered around KeyForge: Æmber Skies. Some will include a deep dive into House Skyborn, some may feature a selection of the individual Skybeasts you can expect to see, and others will introduce the new mechanics coming in the set. We’ll also share some news around the reward tiers and stretch goals to be unlocked during the campaign.

We hope you are excited for what’s to come in KeyForge: Æmber Skies. Be sure to go follow the Gamefound campaign now to get a free House Skyborn pin when you back the campaign!

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