Sealed Alliance Open & Last Chance Qualifier


Sealed Alliance Open & Last Chance Qualifier

Join us for the the inaugural KeyForge Celebration Sealed Alliance Open Tournament!

The opening day of KeyForge celebration features a Sealed Alliance tournament of no small magnificence: in addition to being great fun, this tournament may also give participants a chance to qualify for the World Championships (see below). Attendees already qualified for a World Championships need not sit out, all may come for the fun and additional (non-cash) prize support included with this tournament!

Please arrive before the close of Registration. The first 30 minutes of the tournament will be the "Forging of Alliances" in which players will open their sealed decks and select which house pods they would like to use to form their deck per standard Alliance deck rules.

The tournament will conclude with a Top 8 elimination round on the same day, the evening of Friday November 10th, 2023.

Tournament Format:
Sealed Alliance, Double Elimination (Playstile 2LO)
45 Minute Best-of-1 Rounds, Top 8 Seeded Single Elimination Bracket, Top 8 Final Round is Untimed Best-of-3

Players are required to bring 3 sealed Winds of Exchange decks in order to participate (sealed decks may be brought to the event or may be purchased at the venue). Other than the three sealed decks, there is no cost to participate in this event.

Additional Details:
The winner of this event will be invited to join the 2023 World Championship (starting Saturday) in the format of their choice.

Other top finishers of this event have a chance to be invited to any open seats (if any) at the Archon or Alliance World Championship the following day. Open seats are only available if invited World Championship players (who placed first or second in Vault Tours and Nationals) do not attend. We cannot guarantee that any open seats will be available.

Additional (non-cash) prizes will be awarded to the final four players.

Open seats in the World Championship events will be offered to participants in final standing order of the Sealed Alliance Open tournament (first by final result and then by strength-of-schedule score). Players already invited to the World Championships are not eligible for open seats (but may participate in the Alliance Sealed Open tournament, they are simply skipped when open seats are evaluated). Players who do not wish to participate in the World Championships may forfeit an open seat to the next place finisher. All decisions are final.


Event: KeyForge Celebration 2023

Activity: Sealed Alliance Open & Last Chance Qualifier

Date: Nov. 10th, 2023

Starting Time: 8:30am - 9:25am Registration, 9:30am Tournament Start

Participants: 128 Players Max

Activity Fee: (See Description)