World Championship Registration


World Championship Registration

All KeyForge Celebration attendees who have qualified for the World Championship must register for their World Championship tournament by 7:00pm on Friday afternoon. Failure to complete the registration could forfeit an attendee's World Championship seat!

The check-in process will take about 15 minutes. It will include registering to the World Championship format the player qualified for, a deck check, and charge of Event Key. Players should bring the deck they plan on using in the World Championship tournament, including the Archon card(s) for their deck.

All World Championship participants must spend an Event Key from their Master Vault account upon registration, and should arrive with the deck they plan on using in the World Championship. Players are required to bring a deck consistent with the rules of the tournament format.

A player must have been invited by Ghost Galaxy to participate in the World Championship. Invites would have been earned by placing first or second in a Vault Tour or a National Championship. If you are unsure whether you are invited, please contact us.


Event: KeyForge Celebration 2023

Activity: World Championship Registration

Date: Nov. 10th, 2023

Starting Time: 8:30am - 7:00pm, allow 15 mins to Register for World Championship Events.

Participants: World Championship Invitees Only

Activity Fee: (See Description)