Sealed Alliance Groups


Sealed Alliance Groups

Players hungry for a quicker, more casual sealed KeyForge: Winds of Exchange experience are invited to join a group!

Ghost Galaxy will be offering signup sheets at Tournament HQ for Sealed Alliance Groups for players interested in smaller Sealed Deck impromptu events. Signups will be called to Tournament HQ to begin their Sealed Alliance Group mini-tournament once the sign-up sheet is filled with between 8 and 16 players.

These will be casual sealed events with some limited prize support and self-managed reporting. Players are invited to participate in as many Sealed Alliance Groups as they wish. Three sealed (unopened) KeyForge: Winds of Exchange decks are required each time a player participates in a Sealed Alliance Group. Players will need to bring their own sealed decks, or purchase the sealed decks from the venue.

Tournament Format:
Alliance Sealed, 3 Rounds of Swiss
Player-Managed Groups, Suggested 45 Minute Best-of-1 Rounds, No Cut

Players are required to bring 3 sealed, unopened KeyForge: Winds of Exchange decks to participate.


Event: KeyForge Celebration 2023

Activity: Sealed Alliance Groups

Date: Nov. 10th, 2023 - Nov. 12th, 2023

Starting Time: All Event Hours

Participants: 8-16 Players Max per Group, Unlimited Groups

Activity Fee: (See Description)