Nightfall Sealed Alliance


Nightfall Sealed Alliance

Do not go gentle into that good night. We rant and rive at close of day, chasing dour memories away, with more Sealed Alliance!

The Nightfall Sealed Alliance tournament is a special KFC happening of truly grim proportions. Each attendee will have received, in their goody bag, the necessary materials to attend this grand event, so no decks or additional purchase is necessary.

Alas, players should be both wary and aware of the great and dark events that this event portends for the fate of the Crucible. Strong will and nerves of steel are highly recommended.

Please arrive before the close of Registration. The first 30 minutes of the tournament will be the "Forging of Alliances" in which players will open their sealed decks and select which house pods they would like to use to form their deck per the Sealed Alliance rules.

Tournament Format:
Alliance Sealed, 4 Rounds of Swiss
45 Minute Rounds, No Top Cut

Special prizes are awarded to any player that go undefeated.

Players are required to bring a special Nightfall Sealed Alliance tournament voucher to participate (the KeyForge Celebration "Goodie Bag" will include this voucher). Participation for this event is otherwise included in the ticket price.


Event: KeyForge Celebration 2023

Activity: Nightfall Sealed Alliance

Date: Nov. 11th, 2023

Starting Time: 7:00pm - 7:25pm Registration, 7:30pm Tournament

Participants: Up to 256 Players

Activity Fee: (See Description)