Award Ceremony


Award Ceremony

Gather around to congratulate those who proved their mettle and won glory on the battleline!

An official award ceremony will be held to highlight the high-placing finishers of the Alliance World Championship, Archon World Championship, Sealed Alliance Open, Alliance Open, and Archon Open. Their names and placements will be announced to the hall, and then they will be awarded special commemorative prizes. If you would like to see the players who rose to the top, join us for the ceremony and congratulate them with your raucous applause!

Photos of the top finishers for each tournament will be taken, both as a group and individually. Each tournament's top finisher announcements are planned to take 5-10 minutes.


Event: KeyForge Celebration 2023

Activity: Award Ceremony

Date: Nov. 12th, 2023

Starting Time: 3pm

Participants: Open to All

Activity Fee: None (Included in Event Fee)