Welcome to the Crucible!

YOU’VE ARRIVED AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE where the vast artifice known as The Crucible attracts the exiled, abandoned, or simply mislaid civilizations and creatures of the ageless matterverse.

This is the domain of the enigmatic Archons, ethereal beings that seek to plumb the Crucible’s strange Vaults for that which they desire more than anything: the very secrets of creation. To open these Vaults, the Archons must forge Vault Keys from the powerful substance of Æmber. To do so, they need guile, courage, and most importantly, allies from among the strange denizens and creatures stranded on The Crucible.

Each KeyForge deck represents an Archon and the three houses of that Archon’s followers. Not only is the content of each deck unique, but each Archon has a unique procedurally-generated (and often fun) name.

A Game Like No Other

KEYFORGE IS THE INNOVATIVE CARD GAME where every deck you purchase is a completely unique combination of cards! No other player will ever wield the same KeyForge deck.

Players have already registered millions of KeyForge decks in the KeyForge Vault (located here), and an awesome tournament program was underway under former publisher, Fantasy Flight Games, before being disrupted by the 2020-2021 Pandemic. Ghost Galaxy, the new publisher of KeyForge, aims to continue the KeyForge release schedule and community engagement!

Wielding a unique 36-card deck, assuming the role of a powerful Archon, players seeks to maneuver creatures and artifacts from three allied houses to accumulate enough Æmber to forge the vital Vault Keys.

The player to first forge three keys wins!

Will it be you?